bliznieta-w-wodzieThe nurse lowered the twins into water… what happens next is extraordinarily touching

It’s been known for a long time that twins are connected by a special bond. Supposedly, you can compare their souls to two magnets, that after joining together become one inseparable whole. Sometimes you hear that if one of the siblings has a migraine, then the other’s head starts hurting right away. They say that they have a sixth sense and they can predict the other’s response or get the feeling that something dangerous is getting closer.

The French nurse Sonia Rochel posted on her YouTube channel  a beautiful instructional video, that shows how to wash newborns. The method is called “Thalasso bath”. It recreated similar conditions that are in the womb of the mother. Thanks to this, we can observe how the little babies behaved while they were still inside the womb. In the video, you can clearly see how they cuddle and hug each other… amazingly touching…


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