some people are just sick

Everyone knew the Ugly – a stray cat living in the basement. He was extremely ugly. He had only one eye! In the place of the second one, he had an ugly, festering wound.

The left cat’s paw suffered serious fracture and then it healed after years at the unusual angle.

The cat was deprived of the tail, and his body was covered with scars. Some were old, the others quite fresh.

When someone passed the Ugly, he immediately shouted: “What a nasty cat.” Kids from the blocks of flats couldn’t get closer to him, and the adults at all costs tried to persecute him. The ways to deter the intruder were different … When it was just trying to get closer to the housing, the tenants were throwing stones at him, pouring water or snapping his paws in the door…

The Ugly had a unique character and he always reacted in the same way. When they poured it with water, he stood and got wet waiting till the end. When the bullets were flying toward him, he crouched and waited until the ammunition ran out. When he saw the children, he was mewing and rubbing against their legs begging for a little bit of love.

One day he approached two dogs living with my neighbours. He was seriously hurt. I heard his screams. When I got there, I saw him dying in a pool of blood. His legs were broken, and the fur ripped halfway. I picked it up gently… The animal was writhing in pain, even though he tried to lick me on the hand. Even in the last hours of life he asked for a little bit of love and compassion.



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