This is one of the was to have fun on a nice day it is also good to get your kids into the outdoors to minny kids today are in the house on games and sit with the tv and.

then thay ask y is my kid bad i dont get it y wont my kid do things well ill tell you.

put them outside no more tv and games all day and night if we take our kids and have fun outdoors with them thay will grow up to love us and love to help people wont be sick all the time. it will show in them thay do what we do so let them see us full of fun and love .

When we do thay can talk to us tell us what is wrong with them and if thay do this we can help them make it if your kids dont trust you thay end up in jail or hateing you.

and i for one love my kids to much for that and yes i know we have to get on to our kids show them what is right and what is wrong .but we can make them better as thay grow let them see us for who we are. love your kids love your spouse with every thing you have dont do them wrong some day your going to get up and thay wont be around